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Be your own boss – my top three categories for the year.

Franchising and using a national model offers one of the best ways to start your business.   For 2012, we're seeing the trend continue in three major business categories:  Online Sales and marketing, health and wellness, and senior care.   At Franchise Maven, we are big in helping people back up their assumptions about the business climate with secondary research and data.    Click on the links below to reach more about our selected growth categories.

Statistics consistently prove these three categories are growing – here's why:

Online Businesses – Turn-key Online businesses – Mobile Advertising – Online Media

1) More people are online buying from more mobile devices. More buying means more advertising:  

Health and Wellness – Fighting Obesity – Building healthy lifestyles

2) More people are obese – child obesity growing – demand for weight loss, fitness and wellness is growing tremendously  Get involved. Choose a growth industry.

Senior Care – In-home Care – Continuum of Care

3) More people are aging and staying in their homes –  early release from medical facilities requires high quality in-home providers to assure proper care.

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