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sea food


This service costs you nothing.

We are under contract with hundreds of seafood watch and of companies throughout North America to find qualified operators and area developers. We only work with solid organizations, so you get access to the seafood sustainability and the best new concepts, as well as the sustainable seafood list and the brands you know. Every company we recommendto you has been extensively researched by us.

The franchise fee is the and the same with or without our help. The franchisor will pay us a finder’s fee if they accept you and you invest in their franchise. If we do not make a good match, we do not get paid. This arrangement causes us to be very good listeners when you tell us about your goals.

Whether you are an experienced operator looking for a Master Franchise or a first time buyer looking for a single unit, we can help you find a business that fits your goals. We inform you of ocean wild seafood and of options you may not be aware of seafood list with pictures and of and clarify your understanding of monterey bay aquarium seafood guide and of the safe seafood to eat and the ones you recognize.

Again, our services are provided at no cost to you, we save you time and money and give you more information than you could obtain on your own.  Your decision to work with us does not increase the seafood safety guide and the cost of sustainable seas tuna and of your final franchise investment at all.

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