Zen Pinball 2

Simply turn any folder to your Tresor make personal files involved with it and they’re going to automatically sync with every devices coupled to the same account. Encryption is performed prior to data gets uploaded on the cloud. Decryption is merely possible with permission from the owner and already encrypted contents might be shared without re-encryption, but also in one hundred percent secure way.

eBook Library supports speed reading plus an eBookshelf. You can practice your speed reading skills using plain text eBook files with speeds between 50 wpm and 1500 wpm. Reading speed is defined using four ranges (very slow, slow, medium, and fast) and a slider is provided to alter the pace within each range. Speed settings are saved between sessions.

Just copy a Git-Url for the clipboard and press the clone Button. GitClony is also configured to start cloning automatically if this detects a Git-Url.Feature: automatically detects Git-Urls from your clipboard (with sound-notification) may be configured to get started on cloning automatically if your Git-Url was detected plays a sound-notification if cloning ends automatically opens Finder and also the destination directory if cloning is complete choose a destinationMore…

YourKit Java Profiler has a user-oriented interface with support for keyboard shortcuts and report filtering for fast and in-depth analysis. The top toolbar assists you to capture performance snapshot, initiate or stop the CPU profiling, clear all CPU profiling results, disable Stack telemetry, capture memory snapshots, start memory allocation recording plus much more.

Start from scratch with basic play blocks like stone, water and soil. Grow plants, raise mountains, generate life and gain access to advanced tools for crafting more and more complex elements. Before long, you can access non-organic elements like metal and light-weight bulbs, letting you populate your universe with creations both natural and technological.


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