Lifestyle Management Business: Concierge Business Solutions – Business Opportunity

Franchise Maven is pleased to present Concierge Business Solutions

Capitalize on the high growth industry of providing concierge services to all types of clients.  The Time is now. Entrepreneurial Spirit. Ambition. Drive. These are just the few of the motivations that entice you into owning a business. The Concierge industry has been growing at an average rate of 28% per year since 2000 – and shows no sign of slowing down.

As this industry continues to gain momentum and because the business models are endless, new Concierge companies are sprouting up all over the world. However each one of these companies must start from scratch and find their way alone.  Being a "sole operator" does little more than buy a business owner a job. The administrative burden of handling a full compliment of clients and offering a broad base of services that are in demand is overwhelming.   CBS provides everything you need to build the business, the systems, the marketing programs and the staffing to become a highly sought after concierge. 

The CBS Lifestyle Management Business Provides Multiple Revenue Streams:

  • Deliver a broad spectrum of lifestyle management services from errand running  to private jet booking and everything in between.
  • Build a staff of experienced professional concierges that perform for your loyal clients – while you focus on building and marketing the business.  
  • Generate income as you build a paid referral program – in demand by  the community's most respected contractors.
  • Generate income through exclusive distribution fees and commissions of carefully vetted products that fit your clientele. 
  • Specialize in a variety of market segments with high demand for your lifestyle services: from seniors looking for care and home help, to the high net worth individuals looking for support in their chaotic lives. 

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